DA250, 250 kW

The Liebert® DSE DA250, 250 kW provides new levels of performance for colocation and cloud hosting facilities, with rapid deployment, low cost of ownership, high energy efficiency and low peak power. The system is ideal for raised or non-raised floor data centers. Its pumped refrigerant economizer uses no water and requires no outside air into the data center. A packaged condenser and refrigerant pump can be rooftop mounted, making it ideal for multi-story buildings.


  • Uses a pumped refrigerant economizer and automated transitions to economization to cut energy usage
  • Units can be situated side by side to form a fan array to support loads of more than 250 watts per square foot, with servicing at the back
  • Slab coil design and top-to-front airflow make it ideal for slab floor data centers. Underfloor airflow is also available.


Saves You Money
  • High-efficiency pumped refrigerant economizer uses less than one-tenth the power of compressors
  • Annual operational PUE under 1.2
  • Eliminates water usage, cost, and treatment
  • Large condenser surface area minimizes operating and peak power to minimize generator backup or free up additional saleable IT power.
  • No air leakage or volumetric displacement, eliminating the need for additional fan power or make-up air capacity
  • Rapidly scalable for faster deployment and time to market
  • Low operating costs for higher profitability. Highly efficient in low load / part load conditionsLowers Your Risks
  • Proven pumped refrigerant economization technology used in more than 4,000 to 8,500 installations worldwide
  • Multiple fans, DX circuits and other key components for ride-through
  • No air dampers or louvers to maintain
  • Airflow up to 37,000 CFM supports lower delta-T in non-raised floor environments.
  • Supports large, high-density data center suites requiring a low-complexity infrastructure.
  • No outside air, contaminants or humidity allowed into the data centerSimplified Thermal Management
  • Advanced monitoring and control algorithms for multi-unit teamwork, automated transitions to economization and automated protection routines for unit lead/lag, coil freeze, and others.
  • Rear-access servicing means no need for mechanical service in the data center
  • Refrigerant pump is virtually maintenance free
  • ​No dampers to service or outside air filters to replace

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