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3 Ways To Speed Up Your Edge Deployments

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Edge Deployments

Moving applications, data, and computing services to the edge can lower operations costs, improve application performance, reduce downtime, and create the ability to achieve real-time data analytics. As more organizations take advantage of the benefits of edge computing, they can be met with deployment challenges, slowing the process.

So how can you take advantage of the edge for your business while ensuring easy, secure, and efficient deployment?

Start with Standardization 

As you assess edge technology, take advantage of solutions that offer standardized and pre-integrated architectures. Standardized technologies can ensure deployment is fast and cost-effective, with little downtime.

Make A Plan

Planning for any project will always help to reduce issues that might occur during deployment significantly. Prevent hiccups, maximize speed, and minimize cost by developing a design of your edge computing strategy. Consider infrastructure, management, services, and physical security questions to create a smooth transition upon deployment.

Choose the Right Partner

Select an edge computing partner with an alliance to many partners that can supply and provide management on products, applications, and solutions. By partnering with a vendor with many partners, you can ensure the equipment incorporated will work together and efficiently and be designed for your specific needs. This also allows flexibility in solutions, providing you options for your different deployment needs.

Other Things to Consider


Edge computing means more devices are connected to the network, creating more security threats. One compromised device can leave the entire network and other edge devices vulnerable to an attack. Edge devices require better security, the first step being password management. Most users don’t bother to change their passwords regularly or implement multi-factor authentication. With the influx of devices connected to the network, all edge equipment must be physically secured and monitored with network management software.


Take advantage of remote management and automation. Managing remote edge servers and a multitude of connected devices can be a challenge. Even with remote management and automation, equipment will eventually break down. Managing remote stations can be challenging; opt for managed edge services and support services to help handle management and equipment maintenance.

Don’t Meet the Edge Alone

Deploying edge computing solutions doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help you find the right standardized and secure solutions and allow you to reap the operational and financial rewards of edge-computing without the risk. Contact us today to get started on your edge deployment.

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