Selection Tools

Data Center Solution Selection Tools

Need help finding the perfect solution for your data center project? Use our selection tools for UPS, Thermal Management, Rack PDU, and Battery Systems.

UPS Selection Tool

The UPS Selection Tool is useful to assist you with selection of power equipment for small data room applications to enterprise data center applications. This tool assist you to choose the product(s) which specifically meet your needs from multiple product lines.

Thermal Management Selection Tool

The Thermal Management Selection Tool is useful to assist you with selection of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) / precision air conditioning equipment for small data room cooling, large data room cooling, high density data room cooling, telecom and shelter cooling, self-contained server rack cooling, In-Row server rack cooling, custom air handling units for large data center cooling and heat rejection systems.

Rack PDU Selector Tool

Diverse offering of integrated power distribution units for server racks and enclosures. Both monitored and controlled, monitoring, modular or monolithic in design.

Battery Systems

Sealed Valve Regulated (VRLA) and Flooded Battery Systems specifically designed for each mission critical application. Specifying the correct battery system for each application is critical to maximizing reliability in your UPS system.

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