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Telecommunication Surge Protection Devices

Use telecommunication surge protection devices to protect your telecommunications lines against lightning strikes, voltage spikes, power surges, and other transients. These lines are often in highly exposed areas and left unprotected at the primary and secondary. You’ll find surge protection devices suitable for primary, secondary, and security applications below. Need help to find the best surge protection solutions? The Surge Protection Device Selection Tool helps you select SPDs for a broad range of applications from small data rooms to enterprise data centers.


Allows ASCO Models 130, 132, 135 and other similar surge protectors to access ground when snapped onto the 66MI-50 Punch Down Block.

ASCO Model 130 (Edco PB Series) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 130 modules are solid-state protectors for Intercom Extension Pairs. These hybrid protectors are intended to be used in conjunction with the ASCO MGBW ground rail and a standard M1-50 punch down block. The Model 130 modules feature solid-state resettable fuses (PTCs) between the protected equipment and the over voltage clamping components. This unique design prevents problems with “All-Call” in the event of catastrophic protector failure.

ASCO Model 131 (Edco OPX-SPK) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 131 surge protector is specifically designed for medium exposure applications. Thus, the protector can be used on pairs inside a building or leaving the building in conduit up to 500 feet. This protection is intended to be used in conjunction with the ASCO MGBW Ground Rail and a standard MI-50 Punch Down Block.

ASCO Model 135 (Edco H Series) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 135 modules are ultra high speed fused solid state dual listed Primary (UL 497) and Secondary (UL 497A) protectors for KEY/PABX systems. The units are available in Analog and Digital clamping voltages.Model 135 single pair modules fit onto a standard M1-50 split block and replace bridging clips. In addition, these modules require an ASCO MGBW Ground Rail accessory for each M1-50 block used.

ASCO Model 136 (Edco FAS-31XT) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 136 SPDs are single pair telephone or data line protectors that implement advanced two-stage hybrid design.The Model 136 for Phone Systems is nearly identical to the Alarm System SPD except without the shorting bars. Protected equipment such as modems are plugged into female modular jack on the Model 136.

ASCO Model 146 (Edco PLP-S) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 146 provides isolated power loop circuit protection in applications where higher current is required, such as fire alarm and security systems.

ASCO Model 150 (Edco TER Series) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 150 Surge Protective Device miniature size fits directly inside fire or security panels, analog video housings and other system electronic enclosures. These features maximize surge suppression performance while reducing hardware and labor costs to install.

ASCO Model 152 (Edco TCS-T1) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 152 Surge Protective Device combines highly reliable, non-degrading Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technology, along with high energy gas tube protection. This technology combination leverages the best aspects of each protection method in a single, reliable design to ensure optimal performance.

ASCO Model 171 (Edco PC2-TEL) Surge Protective Device

The ASCO Model 171 Surge Protective Device is a solid state, two-line telephone interface protector module. This unit is specifically designed to protect both phone lines required by commercial fire/security panels.

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