Solving the Challenges of Mission-Critical Industries

As IT continues to be an integral part of mission-critical industries, facilities across many fields seek a better, more scalable approach to handling their ever-growing needs in order to optimize critical infrastructure. As a certified factory-direct Vertiv partner, we have data center solutions to fit every situation. From small room IT deployments to adding capacity in new locations, learn how we can help you achieve your goals. 

Edge Critical Infrastructure Buyer’s Guide

As IoT deployments face challenges related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability, and security, Vertiv has expanded edge technologies designed to meet the unique challenges of the network edge. Our free guide will help identify your edge critical infrastructure needs, and more.

Distribution & Logistics

The distribution and logistics industry faces many challenges in today’s rapidly changing landscape with the demand for immediate fulfillment, the rise of e-commerce, and increasing fuel prices topping the list. Learn how our products and services can help strengthen your distribution and logistics business’s critical infrastructure.

Finance & Banking

With the ever-present threat of fraud, as well as new and changing technology that fosters mobile banking, online investing, and cryptocurrency, banks and financial institutions must be supported by reliable critical infrastructure at all times.

Government & Municipalities

Federal, state, and local governments require reliable, secure solutions that support long-term growth. However, with budget limitations, embracing new infrastructure technologies is more important than ever.


With the growing reliance on technology, the need for creating a better foundation for the future of healthcare is critical. Learn how IT facilities are solving the challenges of scaling their operations. 

Higher Education

With the growing demand to utilize technology in college lecture halls across the nation, university IT managers must find new ways to bring visibility, access, control, and management to the forefront of their operations. Learn how higher education technology infrastructure is adapting and overcoming these challenges.

K-12 Education

K-12 education technology infrastructure must scale and grow right alongside students in our ever-evolving world. School district IT managers must find new ways to bring visibility, access, control, and management to the forefront of their operations. Learn how we’re helping K-12 schools adapt and overcome these challenges.


Manufacturing facilities require continuous, clean, and reliable power to support critical IT infrastructure and ensure 24/7 continuity. So, how are facilities meeting the demands?


Retailers face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing landscape. From storefronts to online platforms, discover how the digital transformation is enabling facility managers to embrace new technologies in their workspace.

Biotechnology Industries

The biotechnology industry faces many challenges in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Moore’s Law states that technology tends to double every two years while simultaneously becoming more accessible and affordable.

IT Enterprise Solutions

Whether you need to swiftly set up a micro data center, scale your colocation and cloud service capabilities, or establish a cable landing station, our factory-direct Vertiv products provide prefabricated solutions that are modular and customizable for all your enterprise needs.

IT Small Business Solutions

Business continuity is crucial for small businesses, no matter the industry. It ensures your company can continue your operations even in the face of disruptions or emergencies.

Solutions for Cloud Applications

In the fast-changing world of business, data centers play a central role in organizations, ensuring seamless data and application management. For reliable, smooth operations, companies need agile, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. Cloud computing is revolutionizing traditional data centers, making them more efficient and versatile than ever before.