Liebert® APS UPS

The Liebert® APS is a modular online double-conversion UPS, scalable from 5 to 20kVA N+1 and provides mission-critical availability and reduces costs while maintaining future flexibility. Pay as you grow design of the Liebert APS simplifies the capacity planning process and provides budge flexibility. The fault-tolerance design of the Liebert APS and hot-swappable power and battery modules ensure your critical IT applications are always protected from power disruptions, fluctuations, and outages.


  • True on-line double conversion
  • UPS Hot-swappable power and battery modules
  • High power factor 5 kVA / 4.5 kW power modules
  • Site configurable as single phase or three phase input
  • Scalable up to 20 kVA N+1
  • Fully rated @ 40°C Stand alone or rack mountable Intelligent battery modules with automatic offline capability for anomalous events
  • Double conversion efficiency: > 92%
  • Optional 10 A charger module
  • Terminal block or optional distribution module output socket


  • 5 kVA/4.5 kW power modules deliver enhanced active power
  • Scalable, pay as you grow architecture optimizes initial investment
  • Integral battery monitoring and temperature compensated charging for extended battery life and fewer replacements
  • Fault-tolerant design allows the critical load to run on conditioned power in the unlikely event of component failure.
  • Hot-swappable power, control and battery modules allow replacement to be carried out without distrubing the load.
  • Intelligent Battery System provides continuous battery monitoring and protection
  • Offers LIFE™ Services, real-time remote diagnostics for proactive maintenance, decreasing the average Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Upgradeable, even while operating in double conversion mode
  • Configurable input: one or three phase
  • Designed for standalone or rack mount installation
  • Multiple Power Output Distribution (POD) boxes allows for specific application connections

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