Dual Plenum System

This floor system is a multi-level, fully integrated system that isolates wires in its upper tier from supply air in its unobstructed and virtually leak-free lower plenum. It eliminates all of the problems that have plagued under-floor distribution for decades and by doing so eliminates the need for costly overhead and containment schemes


  • Dual plenum design (air and cable)
  • Effortlessly accessible floor panels
  • Easily adaptable, modular, and customizable equipment
  • Steel pans between plenum for cable trays
  • Strongest structure system in the industry
  • Single electrical grounding per 1000 sf


  • Separate plenums for air and cabling maximizes system efficiency – of all operations including future Data Center upgrades
  • Removes the need for plenum rated wire, gasket cutouts, air blocking devices, overhead and containment methods
  • No pressure drops due to leaks or maintenance
  • Functional N+1 Cooling redundancy
  • No minimum distance from CRAC to airflow panel
  • Externalize HVAC equipment and save white space
  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • LEED, PURE, DCiE, Breeam, and other credits available

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